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That World…….????

“Nor the life of this world but amusement and play games. And indeed the Hereafter is the real life, if they know it” (Qs, Al-Ankabut: 64)

“Prosperous people who cleaned up and he remembers going to his god, then he prayed. But you (people who disbelieve) chose the world, while the Hereafter is far better and more enduring” (Qs, Al A’la :14-17)

for the sake of Allah, this world than the Hereafter is like someone who dipped his finger into lau, any water remaining on his finger when it appointed the world’s values: (from Mustaurid ibn Shaddad Al-Ra) is extraordinary depiction that shows just how worthless this world than the magnificence of nature Hereafter.

Jabir ibn Abdullah narrated that the Prophet SAW Ra walked through the market while people walked on either side of him. He passed a kid that small ears and has become a carcass. He then picked it up and holding her ears, as he said: “Who among you are willing to buy it with one dirham?”. they replied, “we do not want to buy anything. what we can do with it?”.

Prophet then asked, “if you prefer it be yours?. They said,” By Allaah, if he were alive he is a disgrace (handicapped), he had small ears, especially after he became a carcass “. Then the Prophet said:” By god the world is more contemptible than the carcass for the gods are in your eyes “. (HR Muslim).

Sahl ibn Sa’d as-Sa’idi Ra narrates that the Prophet never said: “if the world is of no value in weighing the contents of a god even though the wings of mosquitoes, of course he would not be willing to give drink to the Gentiles even a sip of water.” (Reported by Tirmidhi, Saheeh). This hadith also give meaning to that fortune and happiness in the world also provided gods and wicked infidels, even given more often than he beikan to pious people, this is because the world is nothing compared to the Hereafter.

a little bit about what is really there in this world without we realize this world is none other than our place, where life right now that will determine our future in the hereafter. thanks for the perhatiaanya, waiting for next post


30 April 2010 - Posted by | Artikel Islam

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  1. wah klo yg ini pasti bukan PTR, tp renungan utk mengingtkn 😀

    Komentar oleh nurrahman18 | 6 Mei 2010 | Balas

  2. kok lum nambah posting nya om 😀

    Komentar oleh nurrahman18 | 13 Mei 2010 | Balas

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